"There’s a solution to each and every person’s hair struggles. I aim to shed light on all the possibilities to make your hair concerns a thing of the past."

Shab is a New York based hairstylist and extensions specialist who’s devotion has earned her a reputation as a point-person amongst the most demanding clients who seek only the best. With a client roster ranging from fashion designers to the most conservative of executives, Shab facilitates the everyday unique challenges each client faces with their hair. By incorporating her purposeful haircutting skills, the correct use of hair extensions and the appropriate hair regimen, your hair will empower you. Shab offers you guidance, knowledge and a skill set that will give you the peace of mind of effortlessly looking your best at all times for all occasions.

Be youthful, professional & refined.


“Great hair can significantly contribute to the good life.”

The modern woman is faced with more challenges than ever before. Your hair shouldn’t be a daily struggle. Maintaining your best hair should be the least of your worries. Simplifying your hair and beauty regimen will free you and enable you

to focus on becoming the best version of yourself and to pursue your dreams.